August, September, Inktober

[Day One]

This month is Inktober and I’ve decided to give it a go. Everyday you can expect an ink-oriented drawing from me.

Traditionally Inktober involves a daily ink drawing using various pens, I’m planning on using ink in as many ways possible, like printmaking and painting as well as the usual brush pen awesomeness.

Generally I have two things which hinder my drawing; consistency and subject matter. I’m hoping that by producing something (ANYTHING) on a daily basis, I’ll work through my consistency issues and maybe even see a narrative develop in my work. My biggest issue with drawing is that I never know what to draw. Subject matter is my greatest challenge, so the added pressure of drawing regularly might just be enough pressure to give me ideas. Probably not great, amazing, life-changing ideas. But ideas nonetheless. 

This is Day One, starting with the front cover of my Inktober moleskin. Nothing like a fresh moleskin to keep an artist motivated. 

P.s This lettering was done by me! (With Dan’s help, of course)