Art is a process which helps me express my true ideas and emotions. The colors, shapes and symbols are a visual language I use to reveal myself. As an artist with an immigrant heritage, art assists in identifying the contrasts of who I am in all my different worlds. 


My work explores body politics, race, spirituality and the emotional self. I use these influences to inform my work in a healthy way, finding relationships between them in order to understand them better. I approach each work with patience and vulnerability, reminding myself that there are no mistakes in art-making. 

I focus on drawing and mark-making in my medium and style, allowing an automatic method to guide compositions. Shapes and lines have been studied and repeated constantly with different tools in an endless exploration. The visual language that has emerged is the closest I can get to knowing who I am.


Sometimes the artworks are just sketches, surface understandings that need to be developed further to get real insight. Other times, when I'm able to be very honest with myself, they are clear and succinct enough to accept and move on.